Business Development 

Business Development activities to provide strategic analyses, and on-the-ground support for your company to  enter and accelerate growth in the North American public safety, security and defense markets.

Critical Event Management

Knowledge and expertise through tailored services and coaching on how to optimize decision-making for critical event management and how to establish an Enterprise Integrated Operation Center (EIOC) for collaborative decision-making and adaptive resilience. 


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How to navigate and master the US marketplace 


Business development activities


Reports & Analysis

Horizon Scanning & Knowledge Building

  • Technology trends, public discourse, political agendas, policy monitoring

  • Total Addressable Markets (TAM), Government budgets

  • Business intelligence on competitors, potential partners, and M&A targets

  • Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, including capture and post-win elements

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Business Generation

Meeting Prospects & Partners

  • Shaping Requirements & Creating Budgets

  • Industry Trade Show Participation

  • Tailored Events & Meetings

  • Pilots and Demonstrations

  • Marketing & Social Media

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Winning Business

Bid, Win & Deliver

  • Proposal team process 

  • Win theme generation

  • Competitive analysis

  • Price-to-win analysis

  • Delivery and support strategies

Available Products

  • Tailored market Reports & Analyses

  • Horizon Scanning

  • Business Intelligence

  • Go-To-Market plans

Business Team
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Panorama Strategies provides knowledge and insights on how to optimize decision-making processes for critical event management.


A main instrument for improved decision-making is an Enterprise Integration Operation Center (EIOC).


An EIOC leads to an awareness of shared identify and connected outcomes across an organization. The result is an environment that supports, for example, better customer experiences, a safer workplace, stronger financial performance, and bolstered brand reputation


Critical Event Management
Enterprise Integrated Operation Centers (EIOC)



The purpose of this White Paper is to provide knowledge, insights and best practice on how to optimize decision-making processes to manage critical events, how to create an organizational culture of information sharing, and a mindset of collaborative decision-making. 

Enterprise Status Dashboards for Better Decision-Making


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Principles & Practical Steps for a Data-Driven Enterprise Integrated Operation Center (EIOC)

Key Advice for a Purposeful Process

•Involve all Key Stakeholders early

•Use convincing examples (real events and/or exercise After Action Reports (AAR)) where data infused decision-making and collaboration would have had a positive impact.

•Be prepared to slug through governance issues etc.

•Have fun while being creative, uncovering links, and discovering (inter)dependencies. 

•Start small, ensure user value, accelerate from a position of success.

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Big Picture

Benefits of an EIOC For Critical Event Management


Executive Roundtable

60 or 120 minute session

  • Benefits of integrated Decision-Making for Critical Event Management

  • Vision, Mission, and Best Practices of an EIOC

  • Return-on-Investment (ROI) by establishing a Culture of Collaboration and Adaptive Resilience

A How-to-Guide

Elements of an EIOC



60 min or 120 min


  • Assessing current Capabilities

  • Gap analysis Capabilities vs. current and future Challenges

  • Framing a Vision and Mission

  • Concept-of-Operations document: Stakeholders, Workflows, Technologies, Metrics, and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Data Discovery, Inventory and Governance

  • Change Management process

Setting the Baseline

Needs & Gaps Study



1/2 - 1 Day 

  • Review of organizational performance during a past Critical Event Management episode(s)

  • Review of peer organizations using an EIOC

  • Assessment of current Critical Event Management capabilities

  • Gap analysis: Capabilities vs. current and future Challenges

  • Baseline and checklist for EIOC project

Tailored Services

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